Unity Developer - Freelance

The imaginary institute is looking for highly motivated talent for one of our many projects to help us build next-generation flexible, groundbreaking applications for the physical and digital world, spanning web, mobile, VR, AR, the XR space, desktop, and more.

Ideal candidates come with a strong passion for Game Development and a track record of producing excellent immersive industry applications, and interactive experiences that push the limits of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Candidates will work in a highly dynamic, fast-paced, and flexible environment and are expected to deliver high-quality results on ambitious schedules. 

The collaboration requires the chosen candidate to have at least three years of expertise using Unity to create interactive games or simulations in a 3D Game environment, to have worked with AR and VR technologies before, and to have published for iOS and other platforms like Android, PC, and Web.


  • Expertise in C# development, AR / VR Experiences, Simulations, 3D Games, Applications, and SDKs, particularly in Unity
  • Expertise in iOS and Android or mixed-reality platforms
  • Knowledge of different software development methods (e.g. Agile, SOLID, Unit Testing)
  • Knowledge of software development environments and associated tools. (e.g. Visual Studio or Rider, Perforce, XCode, JIRA, etc.)
  • Knowledge in some/all of the following: JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Ruby/Rails, Python, C#, generative design, ML, etc.
  • Knowledge of profiling, analysis, and improved performance techniques, from low-level
    limitations to high-level architectural decisions
  • Expertise in building server-side features, shaders, and native plugins in Unity or other game engines
  • Knowledge of Apple ARKit, and Google ARCore
  • Understanding of modern real-time rendering APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, Vulkan), web APIs
    (WebGL, WebGPU), and their differences
  • Understanding of High-level shading languages (GLSL, HLSL, MetalSL, etc…)

Key qualifications:

  • Portfolio of previous work with at least 10+ completed projects
  • 3+ years of experience in Unity and C#, background in IT and Mathematics
  • Expertise in cross-functional teamwork, collaborating with game designers, producers, artists, and UX designers
  • Professional or personal experience in collaborating with diverse groups of people
  • Ability to work in a highly-dynamic environment and collaborate as a team player
  • Excellent verbal and written communication as well as presentation skills
  • Proficiency in English (C1 or C2)

Nice to Have:

  • Bachelor (B.S.) or Master (M.S.) of computer science,  another technical major or equivalent experience
  • Unity Certified Professional: Programmer certification
  • Knowledge of Apple Unity Plug-Ins

Additional Information:

The collaboration is intended to start as soon as possible as requires the freelancer to collaborate as an independent professional on invoice basis. The position requires on site presence in our offices in Napoli and ability to work within Italy (EU citizenship or working permit required). 

The imaginary institute is a trans-disciplinary community of researchers, teachers, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs, challenging the status quo of how education and innovation are designed  to advocate social equity.

All qualified applications as a service provider will be considered for the collaboration. Applications will be reviewed as needed and until the need for additional collaborators is fulfilled. The imaginary institute is happy to hear from you with a CV and relevant portfolio at jobs@imaginary.institute

Consult the Privacy Policy for the application process for details on personal information processing in accordance with the DSGVO (GDPR).